Annual Report 2018


Five strategic pillars

Beter Bed Holding has defined five strategic pillars in order to be able to fulfil its promise to
offer best quality rest @ affordable prices.

Value-for-money proposition

Beter Bed Holding’s offering for its customers is always formed by the highest quality products at guaranteed affordable prices. The results of a large-scale survey led Beter Bed Holding to compose a smaller, but more relevant range for all retail formats in the different customer segments, including new and strong brands. In addition to high-quality products always offered at very competitive prices, there will be exclusive and innovative products that will attract customers through inspiring and attractive offers.

Best sleep advice

Beter Bed Holding provides its customers across the entire sleep domain with the best advice at every moment they need it. Since the start the Group depended on the dedication of its employees, because they are the ones who provide customers with the best personal advice. Based on this strength, the Group will utilise all possible resources and channels, both online and in the physical stores, in order to make it easier for customers to choose or to gain information.

Seamless omni-channel experience

Beter Bed Holding will be leading both in the fields of digital and online sales by making smart use of the economies of scale of the international Group. This will be translated into the development of new knowledge and launching new online services, products and services. Customers will increasingly move to the online channel and will expect an online experience that is the same as the experience in the stores. Beter Bed Holding’s plans will ensure that this expectation can be met and that customers will be able to navigate perfectly between the different channels

Strong performance culture

Beter Bed Holding develops a company culture in which achieving agreed objectives will become more and more centralised. The aim of joining forces is to win in the markets in which Beter Bed Holding operates. The corresponding winner’s attitude makes Beter Bed Holding an attractive employer where employees want to work. All business units have a successful history that forms a good foundation for further development of the Group. The employees are continuously challenged to proactively contribute towards developing strong multidisciplinary teams embracing diversity. Beter Bed Holding is furthermore committed, with its international retail brands, to becoming market leader in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Specific CSR targets for 2020 have been formulated and the Group is acting accordingly with a view to achieving them.

Cost leadership

Beter Bed Holding will be a leading player in cost-conscious operations. This is deemed to be a necessary step in order to be successful in the value-for-money segment in the sleep domain. In order to achieve this, Bed Bed Holding will optimally tap into its European scale, whereby even greater focus will be placed on reducing expenses and carrying out all operational and commercial processes perfectly. Cost-efficiency will become even more of a focus, with centralisation of activities that are now carried out locally being a key theme. All important business processes and underlying systems in the organisation will be analysed and modified if necessary. The new Group Leadership Team will take the lead in realising structural cost leadership.