Annual Report 2018

Our promise

Beter Bed Holding is committed to giving all its customers a better and healthier night’s rest by providing them with the right sleeping solutions. The Group does this in a number of different countries through international retail brands, products and services.

The international retail and product brands of Beter Bed Holding have been leading the way in providing solutions in the field of sleep for more than 35 years. The sleep domain is gaining an increasingly more prominent role in society. Customers attach more and more value to the importance of a good night’s rest. Key trends within this domain include health, happiness, lifestyle, sustainability, accessibility and affordability.

Beter Bed Holding is convinced that these consumer trends and its many years of experience with international retail and product brands form a perfect combination for a successful future as a value-for-money player.

The Group is active both via physical stores and digital platforms in the following regions:

  • DACH, via the Matratzen Concord brand (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
  • Benelux, via the brands Beter Bed (in the Netherlands and Belgium) and Beddenreus (only in the Netherlands).
  • Sweden, via the Sängjätten brand.

Beter Bed Holding promises its customers the best quality rest at affordable prices via the channel that best suits the individual customer.

‘Offer best quality rest @ affordable prices’